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Cavilla Eyelash Serum

Grow thicker fuller eyelashes and brows with Cavilla Eyelash Serum

Get attention grabbing eyes without the need for fake eyelashes. Cavilla Eyelash Serum promotes thicker and stronger eyelashes, within 2 weeks to see substantial growth! Get darker eyelashes by nourishing your eyelash hair roots with our Cavilla Eyelash Serum today!

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Over 68,000 Cavilla Eyelash Serum sold in Singapore in the last 6 months!

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Be one of the thousands of people enjoying beautiful natural and thick eyelashes today! Cavilla Eyelash Serum uses natural ingredients with formula imported from United States, proven to nourish and replenish the nutrients needed for eyelashes, moisturise the roots of the eyelashes. It makes the eyelashes grow longer, healthier and stronger.

Why Cavilla Eyelash Serum

Buy Authentic Buy Safe

Due to increasing popularity, there have been reports of counterfeit products in the market whom those individuals or organisations take advantage of both the consumer and Cavilla brand with total disregard for the user experience. Do note - Cavilla does not allow for the placement of products on any of the market places (shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 etc). Counterfeit products are not authentic and therefore do not meet the high quality and safety standards established by Cavilla. All authentic Cavilla products come with an unique Identifier that is read through a QR code.

Buy With Confidence

To ensure you are purchasing a genuine Cavilla product, and not a counterfeit, shop with confidence with Cavilla Singapore Official.  We only sell authentic Cavilla Eyelash Serum and Cavilla Hair Tonic. Click here to learn more about how to identify a potential counterfeit Cavilla product before you purchase.

QR Code Checking Steps

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